Melissa ı Saudi Arabia

'We first made contact with Natascha via email in November 2014. Five months and two very short trips later, we had our dream house! Under normal circumstances, buying a property within this timeframe is noteworthy. Add to it the fact that we cannot speak French,' were first time French buyers with financing requirements, and you will understand why we sing Natascha’s praises. Armed with our specific architectural and geographic requirements, Natascha undertook a custom property search which entailed looking beyond the properties listed on her books to find our perfect match.

From thousands of kilometers away in the Middle East, our first impression of Natascha was sound: she is warm, extraordinarily thorough and efficient, discreet and pragmatic. Oftentimes, we were astounded by Natascha’s attentiveness – certainly not what we have experienced historically with other estate agents.

In fact, it would be fair to say that Natascha’s distinctive service offering was closer to that of a relocation agent. She patiently stepped us through every detail of the buying process, from bank accounts, to electricity, document translations, and notary signing in English, a custom shopping guide for our household needs, celebratory champagne and Internet set up. She empathetically advised us on common French courtesies and even preempted our arrival in the little village with an introductory call to the mairie.

We now consider Natascha to be a family friend, as I think most of her clients do. And we look forward to seeing her each time we visit our new beautiful house in France, thanks to Natascha.

Melissa ı Saudi Arabia'